Kashif at Otec Hearing with patient

Otec Hearing


- Independent audiologist and hearing aid specialist
- Based in the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region
- Strong customer care focus
- Increasing challenges from high street big names


– To get noticed in the competitive marketplace
– Improve Otec Hearing's search ranking to be found by new clients
– Have a great user experience on the website
- Help with improving site speed and general maintenance


the client

Otec Hearing are a Yorkshire and Lincolnshire based independent audiologist and hearing aid specialist with a focus strong customer service and aftercare for their patients. The market in audiology has become increasingly competitive with additional big names on the high street offering the service, so it is increasingly important to get noticed as an independent provider.

Equipment from an Audiologist
the objectives

Otec Hearing approached us for help with their online presence in three key areas:
• Assistance in improving their searching ranking to be able to be found by new clients
• Improving their site speed and user experience on their website to raise their Google Ad score
• Helping with the general maintenance of the website including assistance in improving their regular blog articles on the site

Man performing Microsuction Earwax Removal
the results

• Achieved a top 3 median position for selected keywords
• Top 3 result achieved for 6 agreed keywords
• Top 1 result achieved for 5 agreed keywords
• Improved GTMetrix Performance rating by 71.6%
• Improved Google rating by 69.2%
• Helped lower CPC for client’s Google ads, by achieving better site quality (meaning higher quality score within Google’s ad algorithms)

A hearing test in progress
what we did

To improve Otec Hearing’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), we initially needed to know where the current results were so we monitor and track progression weekly from this base point. Tracking the results allows us to see the progress that is made but also be in a position to tackle any issues if they arise.

We then researched what keywords were associated with the audiology and hearing aid industry, which were performing well and which might be best to focus on. We used this information to ensure the website was fully optimised. Alongside this, we improved site speed issues, reduced image sizes to aid loading speed, and any issues with using the site on mobile devices which helps SEO numbers. We also ensure the website was optimised for use on mobile, particularly focusing on the loading speed as it was an issue, as many users now use a mobile device to browse the internet.

Further complimenting the work we were doing around SEO, we also helped to improve the user experience within the website. Some of this was work played in tandem with our improvements such as improving site speed and optimisation, but an improvement to the user journey through the journey was needed to help convert those who came onto the site into leads.

All the work we were doing to improve the SEO also helped to improve the Google Ad campaign that our client had. The result of our work helped to benefit our client when it came to the adverts he was running, reducing the amount he was paying each month.

Otec Hearing also asked for assistance to improve the blogs on the site. This would have the potential to add to both the SEO and Ad scores. With the client providing a framework or a majority of the copy for the blog, we could write or shape and add to it to create a piece that would provide the information needed for the potential customers but also aid the work needed to get the results required.