Opening a new chapter in a book

A New Year and A New Chapter

Happy New Year!

Here we are in 2021. After a frankly rubbish 2020 with everything going on in the world, and the team spending most of the year apart, we wanted to make sure we left last year firmly in the past, and look into the new year with hope and a brand new look. We have been programming our latest upgrade for some months now and we are so excited to be able to now share this look with you.

Purple Robot was started in 2013 by Damien working freelance with select clients. When Damien set up the business, the original Purple Robot design was created with some help from Damien’s boys. They helped with the initial design inspiration of the robot and this was developed into our first look.

Back in 2016, when the business expanded into an office and took on additional team members for the first time, Damien knew it was time for a new look to mark this new stage. This was Purple Robot growing into our teenage years with a new look robot as part of the new look.

This coming year is the next chapter of the Purple Robot journey with us adding new services to our offering, which include market research, training and mentoring.

Also, as part of our new chapter in the Purple Robot journey, the team are preparing for a new home. We are very excited that our new premises will be ready to be used as our work hub later this year – more details on this to come soon.

When we decided to have a makeover, we wanted to ensure that our new design reflected the development of the business and the upcoming move. Whilst trying to hit that new-look, we still wanted to incorporate our quirkier and fun side that Purple Robot has always had.

Also, to celebrate our refreshed look and the launch of our new services, we are inviting you, as one of our valued friends, to give your desk, whether in the office or still at home, a little hope for 2021 with one of our grow-your-own desktop gardens. The garden tube features a specially blended mix for urban settings and is designed not to take up too much space. To claim your free desktop garden, click here.

We hope that you love the new look as much as we do and with 2021 stretching ahead of us, we are ready to tackle the new year head-on and we’re looking forward to seeing you all this year.

From all the Purple Robot Team, we wish you a fab New Year and every success for 2021!