About Purple Robot

We are a result-driven marketing and graphic design agency based in Lincoln. We specialise in marketing strategy, graphic design and digital marketing that delivers for our clients.

Purple Robot was set up in 2013 by Damien Howard-Pask with the philosophy that marketing is more than just glossy flyers, slick websites and quirky tweets… it’s about what a business wants to achieve and getting a return on the investment. That continues to be our mantra today.

Now, having grown into a small team of dedicated marketing professionals, we offer a wide range of marketing and graphic design support for your business.

Our values are also an important and key part to the Purple Robot ethos and our identity as a business. Giving back to the local community, charity, and developing our own team is built into our DNA.

Purple Robot Team
Damien Howard-Pask
When it comes to marketing, Damien has a reputation for being passionate, articulate and animated. He has a track record of implementing successful marketing campaigns that deliver results for his clients.  

Damien Howard-Pask


Wayne Thornton
Bringing a creative flair to Purple Robot, Wayne brings our ideas to life and designs marketing materials that get businesses looking their best.

Wayne Thornton


Ross Pepper
Bringing a background in communication to a Digital Marketing role, Ross crafts social posts, emails and web content to maximise online engagement.

Ross Pepper


Olly Kenyon
With a keen interest in Digital Marketing, Olly is our Apprentice and eager to learn from his fellow colleagues and contribute to the continued success of Purple Robot.

Olly Kenyon


The Purple Robot Approach

Whether you know what you want, or need some help developing a marketing strategy, all our work starts with asking what you want to achieve, where you are now, before developing a plan of marketing activity, implementation, reviewing progress and measuring success.


We start at the end and ask “Where do you want to be? What does success look like for you?”. Before getting to know your business a little further asking “Where are you now?” so we can understand the difference between the two and what’s needed This helps us to plan…


Based on what success looks like, we put together a marketing strategy and decide the marketing tools needed to make this a reality. This includes a project plan with deliverables, budgets, timeframes and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Now we know what we’re going to do…


Using the project plan, we ensure everything is delivered on time, within budget and achieves your desired outcomes. We constantly review progress against project milestones, deliverables and KPIs, making adjustments as we go to maximise success. But all this means nothing without…


We finish at the beginning and ask “Are we where we wanted to be?” “If not, why not?”. Using this as the basis for a thorough evaluation, we can understand what should be done again, and sometimes more importantly, what shouldn’t. Using any learnings, the campaign can be repeated.

Purple Robot Values

Purple Robot believes in looking after our own team, our clients and the world around us. We have made a commitment to invest in the development of all members of our team, play an active role in our local community, to do our part in raising money for good causes, and ensure we take steps to reduce our impact on the environment.

Purple Robot also believes that Lincolnshire has a proud heritage, and we love to support and work with local businesses and organisations which celebrate the great traditions of our county.

“Team Robots”

Purple Robot is nothing without Damien, Wayne and Ross, and that’s why as a team we work hard to make it a great business. Everyone helps shape the business’ vision and strategy, and spends 10% of their time on training and development each week. Purple Robot are members of the Living Wage Foundation and are working towards Investors in People. Oh, and who doesn’t love spending a break playing Pop-up pirate whilst enjoying a bickie? 🙂

Charity & Community

We’re all proud Lincolnshire Yellowbellies. We have a passion for giving back to our community and charities, committing to giving both personal and work time, and resources.

Purple Robot’s Annual Charity

This year we will be supporting ChILD UK. The charity is committed to supporting anybody affected by Childhood Interstitial Lung Disease (ChILD), raising awareness and promoting medical research into the diseases.

Environment & Ethics

Purple Robot are proud to fly the Lincolnshire flag, working with and supporting local businesses. We’re also aware of our impact on the wider environment, and the inequality and discrimination suffered across the world. We want to make sure that Purple Robot reduces its own footprint on the environment by decreasing waste, increasing recycling and sourcing recycled, sustainable and fair-trade products where possible.