Olly’s Apprenticeship: 6 months in

Olly Kenyon, our Digital Marketing Apprentice, reflects on his experience with Purple Robot so far.

It’s almost hard to believe that I have been working with Purple Robot for half a year now. The time has absolutely flown by and I feel like I’ve learnt so much. When I started back in August last year, I knew very little about the digital world, but I was eager to get stuck into this entirely new environment. Now I have reached the halfway mark, I can look back and properly look at the progression I have made so far.

This apprenticeship has been a real journey for me so far in terms of all of the new experiences that I have had, and the things that my job have allowed me to do. I am now at a point where I can begin to assist colleagues with jobs that they would usually do in order to be a more productive and efficient team. This is really important to me as it shows improvement in my skills. A couple of months back, I potentially would not have been able to help out with these tasks.

Despite only being 6 months in, my job has allowed me to connect with a lot more people, whether that’s tenants around our office, or elsewhere in Lincoln. I am also now a familiar voice on our phone to many of our regular contacts which is great as answering the phone was something that I was hesitant about when starting out. On top of this, I have taken advantage of LinkedIn during my time at Purple Robot, which is something that I didn’t have before starting here. This platform is great in allowing me to share my achievements and personal milestones, as well as promoting the business I work for.

A change that I think is really noticeable is the amount of confidence that I have in comparison to when I first began this journey. I have now been given more responsibility, which is all a part of my progression, and I have much more faith in myself in completing these tasks. I am trusted in doing certain things for clients, and this results in me feeling much more assured that I can get the job done. This is a great feeling and I am so happy that I have been given the opportunity to grow and fully take advantage of the skills I have learnt so far.

I think that all of this is really down to the positive working environment I am a part of. Week after week,I am faced with something entirely different, and if it is something that I find challenging, then I can talk to my colleagues about it and learn from it, which is something I try and do whenever I can. There is a really good chance that these next six months are going to fly by, much like the ones that have gone so far. It’s going to be extremely interesting to read this blog and reflect on it once I have finished my apprenticeship to really put into perspective how far I have come.