Olly with Business Awards Finalist award

Apprenticeship Blog: A year and a half at Purple Robot

It still hasn’t fully sunk in that I’ve been working for Purple Robot for the amount of time that I have been. It’s been over a year and a half, and I am still enjoying it just as much as I did in August 2018 when I first joined the team alongside Damien, Wayne & Ross.

Since that point, I feel as if I’ve learnt and improved a lot of key skills for the workplace. One main area of improvement has to be my confidence, as I have much more self-belief in speaking to clients and communicating effectively. To think that a simple task such as speaking on the phone was something I was terrified of during my first week seems absurd now, as it’s an aspect of my job that I can do naturally now without really thinking. It’s not just on the phone, however, I feel much more confident in new and unusual situations too, such as attending events or meetings where I’d have to greet new faces.

Another thing I was very hesitant of initially, was working within Paid Advertising. I had a big phobia when it came to being responsible for a client’s Facebook Ads account, with the fear that I’d accidentally spend too much, or that I’d end up wasting money. The Purple Robot team had been very supportive of me when starting out and offered the guidance I needed in order to become more comfortable in this aspect of Digital Marketing. With some time and practice, I’ve grown to be much more fond of this.

I also feel like I’ve grown to be an all-around better teammate within the Purple Robot studio. Learning more and being able to take on more responsibility has helped others in cracking on with their other priorities. I get a great sense of gratification when I’m trusted to be getting on with a job that will result in saving time for a colleague; and in some aspects, I’m starting to feel like I’m beginning to give back to those that have been so supportive throughout my journey so far.

It’s been a fantastic year and a half for me. This year, I’m really hoping to be finishing my Apprenticeship. I still have some work to do, although I’m very much nearing the end of the course. After this, however, I still intend to continue to learn and improve myself in whatever areas I can. I have a basic understanding of Graphic Design, although I do intend to try and become better with design-work, making me a better all-around digital marketer.