Apprenticeship Blog: Looking back after one year

Digital Marketing Apprentice Olly, reflects on his experiences at Purple Robot in the past year.

In August of 2018, I started my first day as a Digital Marketing Apprentice with Purple Robot, it’s crazy thinking about how fast that’s gone and how much I’ve learnt since I began. This journey has been nothing short of amazing, and I wanted to write about my experience, looking back after an entire year.

It’s been rewarding being trusted with new tasks and work, and I feel like I have a lot of responsibility with the jobs that I do, even still as a Digital Marketing Apprentice. For example, one task I’m set with at the start of every week is checking the SEO results for both Purple Robot and our clients. This is a job that’s become second nature for me now, and I can do it without hesitation. When I first started or even a few months in, this would be a task that I’d have difficulty doing, and I’d need someone to help me out. The fact that I can now carry out these tasks without that assistance shows my progression, and that’s something I’m very proud of.

Another example of this self-improvement is going into the analytics and extracting data for the clients we do Social Media Management for and checking to see if their KPI’s are being met. Like before, I would’ve most likely had a problem carrying out this task when I started in Digital Marketing, although now it’s something that I don’t have issues with. If I still didn’t understand something however, I have a great bunch of colleagues at hand to support me with anything.

It sounds really strange, but it’s almost as if I perceive the world differently, now I’ve been in this industry for a year. Whenever I’m on my phone at home, I find myself looking at what content brands post on social media, and I’m always checking to see if it’s been engaging. If it’s not that, I’m always thinking of ideas to implement within Digital Marketing. I think this goes to show how much I like the industry I work within, and I feel like my interest has been growing more and more this past year. This is a great motivation for work, as you’re bound to be more engaged in a job you enjoy.

Recently, I finished my course at Lincoln College. This required me to pass 3 separate exams, involving Marketing Principles, Digital Marketing Principles and the principles of coding (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript). Now that is done, I can put all of my efforts into Purple Robot, and further developing my digital arsenal. I still have so much to learn, which is both scary and exciting. The digital world always changing and I’m having to change with it, which involves taking on new challenges and further expanding my knowledge. This is something I’m more than happy to do, however, and I can’t wait for what’s on the horizon.