Olly’s Apprenticeship: Two Months In

Two months after starting his apprenticeship and joining the Purple Robot team, Olly Kenyon reflects on his time as a Digital Marketing Apprentice so far in the latest of his blogs.

It really does not seem that long ago since I started my apprenticeship, although I already feel that I have learnt so much within this time. I have taken some time to reflect on my experience so far, and think about what I have done two months in.

The main thing that I have noticed within my time at Purple Robot is the amount of responsibility that I have been given from such an early stage. This has been very useful for me as it meant that I was able to really dive into the digital marketing world and get a full hands-on experience. I feel like actually doing the activity which is needed (such as SEO) I learn a lot more as opposed to if it was just explained to me. I have watched how it is done and had a go at it myself afterwards, and by doing this I seem to have remembered more than I would have.

Another thing that I am really happy with at Purple Robot is the relationships that I have with my peers at such an early stage. I usually find it very nerve-wracking speaking to new people, but I have found it extremely easy to get to know the team I work with. I do not hesitate in asking any questions and I have found them to be very supportive. This has helped a substantial amount, and I have come to the firm conclusion that a good connection with the people you work with has a huge impact on your overall experience.

There have been many new skills that I have learnt that have become second nature. Some of these are standard for an office job. Examples of this are like taking phone calls for example. This was something I was quite nervous about to begin with, although after some time and practice, it has become something that I am more comfortable doing. Another was dealing with emails and replying to people. These skills are so important within a workplace because of their versatility and I am glad that I have acquired them so quickly in my time at Purple Robot.

I obviously still have a lot to learn as an apprentice, but when I look back at how much I have progressed within this short period of time, it is exciting to look ahead and think about how far I will have come in a year’s time. On top of all the practical work experience, I will also have all of the classroom knowledge from college. I have still got a while to go, but I will continue to take each day as an opportunity to learn new things and continuously improve.