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Easy ways to grow your mailing list

Although it’s been around for some time, email marketing remains one of the strongest and most used marketing channels for many businesses to promote their services and sell their products. Having a mailing list can be incredibly useful for several things, including the ability to make custom and lookalike audiences within your Facebook Marketing campaigns. The bottom line, having a mailing list is essential! Below are some tips that we’ve learnt, that can help you in growing your mailing list.

If you’re using an email provider such as Mailchimp, there are several integration features that you can take advantage of, to encourage email sign-ups. The most notable is the sign-up form. You can create your own by navigating to ‘audience’ in your dashboard. From this menu, you’ll find ‘Signup Forms’. Configuring this will allow you to share a unique URL with users, where they can be automatically added to your mailing list.

This can be added to your social media content strategy, encouraging your followers to sign up for exclusive news and offers. Another useful method of promoting sign-ups would be to create a button on your Facebook page which links to your form. You can do this by pressing ‘Integrations’ on your Mailchimp account and connecting your Facebook account. After this, follow the instructions in order to link this to the relevant page!


The average person receives hundreds of emails each day, so what makes you think they want to sign up to receive yours? I know it sounds mean, but it’s the harsh reality! Nowadays, you are far more likely to receive emails from users if they are getting something back in return. This is known as a ‘Lead magnet’ and it’s an incentive that you provide a user with, in exchange for their information (in this case, their email!). There are a few ways of doing this, but the most effective methods are either through offering a discount on a product, or a ‘freebie’. Please note, your freebie does not always have to be a physical item of value! This could be a free guide in the form of a PDF, sharing knowledge about your industry. Try and think about your own lead magnet that applies to your business. Try and think from your customers perspective. If you were in their position, does your lead magnet warrant them wanting to sign up?

We’ve briefly covered sharing your mailing list to existing channels such as Facebook, but there is a good chance that a large number of your followers on social media are already part of your mailing list. A great way of reaching people outside of your existing following is to advertise on Facebook! If you’re willing to set aside a budget, you can promote email sign-ups by targeting Facebook users who have interests similar to the products that you sell. You could even refine this further, by using your existing mailing list and turning it into a lookalike audience.

Something that no one has been able to do in some time, is to network with other businesses! Although it’s quite traditional, business networking is a great way to get more email sign-ups. With restrictions beginning to ease, it’s only a matter of time before business networking is back up to full capacity. This is the perfect opportunity for you to offer out business cards and promote your business, but you can also apply some strategies in order to try and increase your mailing list. You could have an item to giveaway at your stand, where email sign-ups are part of the entry. By doing this, you can increase your list by a significant amount. Also, by tagging these users in Mailchimp, you could send follow-up emails that are relevant to those who shared that sign-up source.

As an additional idea, you could even ask your existing mailing list to refer friends via their email address, in order to enter a competition or giveaway. You could create more interest, by allowing participants to enter multiple times to increase their chances of winning. Please do note that if you decide to go down this route, you are likely to need a referral system in order to make the process as streamlined as possible.