Olly’s Apprenticeship: A New Experience at Lincoln College

We continue our series of blogs from Olly Kenyon, our Digital Marketing Apprentice, who is sharing his thoughts and experiences of his apprenticeship. This week, Olly tells us about his first day at his Digital Marketing course at Lincoln College.

Last week, I had my first day at Lincoln College doing my Digital Marketing course. Every apprentice goes through the process of learning alongside the job. It can provide you with essential skills and the information you need to be a worthwhile asset within the company you are employed by. The college aspect of the apprenticeship can be very daunting to some people who want to jump into the working environment, although, from my experience so far, I can assure you it is nothing to worry about.

I had an induction the week before I started college, and it proved to be beneficial to me in several ways. I was able to see what the grounds of college were like and where things were, as well as getting to grips with the tools that I would be using throughout the duration of the apprenticeship such as OneFile and Moodle. I felt confident leaving my induction, so when it came to my first proper day at college I had a sense of confidence knowing where I needed to go and what to expect. My lesson took place within the Risual building at Lincoln College. The room had a very modern feel to it, with street art displayed on the walls of the room. I was made to feel welcome and sat down amongst both apprentices in the Digital Marketing industry and IT students.

The first task that we were given was to look into the purposes of different websites. BBC News’ primary purpose is to inform people, whereas OneDrive’s purpose is to store information. After finding two websites for each purpose, we were given the task of listing its main features and concluding whether the website was static or dynamic. A static website is usually a lot faster than a dynamic website, it is left unchanged or ‘static’ in its state. A dynamic website is the opposite however and is something that is always updating and changing. Dynamic websites load slower than static websites due to there being more information that needs to be processed, although they are more commonly used over statics because of their utility.

After this, we were given a presentation on different ways in which brands can successfully promote and market their products. This was explained to us through the ‘4 Ps’. These consist of Product, Price, Place and Promotion. I had never heard of these terms before, but I found it surprisingly easy to remember and understand.

As a person with little marketing or business experience, I found that it wasn’t difficult to adapt and absorb the information from the people around me. Group discussions, where we talked about and compared the companies we work for, proved to be very beneficial to me. It allowed me to learn more about the marketing world as well as learning more about the people that I would be sharing the class with for the next year.

Overall it was an excellent experience and I look forward to my next week at Lincoln College. I really believe that this course will allow me to further develop in the world of digital marketing and I am excited to see what’s next in store.