Food Photography Shoot

Getting stuck into Food Photography

Recently, I was able to be involved in something entirely different in comparison to an ordinary day within the Purple Robot Studio and it gave me the opportunity to develop my skills further and learn valuable new experiences.

I was asked by Damien to manage a food photography shoot for one of our clients were we would be using the photos within their website, as well as their marketing materials. This was something entirely new to me, but I was keen to get involved and see what I could learn.

Preparations for the shoot began back in the studio with me gathering a mood board to get inspiration and generate ideas about the type of things that we’d want to use on both the website, social media, product images, and advertisements. One main theme was ensuring that we had photos of food and meals that people could relate too. On top of this, I had to think about how the food would be presented in front of a camera lens. It was crucial to consider space within the image, which would result in us moving items and props around to leave areas where text could be added at a later stage.

After gathering all the imagery that I thought that we could replicate or take inspiration from, it was a case of arranging a professional photographer and a chef, a date and time when they would both be free, and all the props and additional food items we’d need on the day. This whole process was great for developing my communication skills, and I felt like I had a lot of responsibility in making sure things ran smoothly well in advance.

On the day of the photography shoot, I travelled out to a location near Louth for the alongside the photographer and chef. I was there acting as a pair of eyes from the studio to ensure everything went smoothly and we got the photos we needed, and add a different perspective when needed from a marketing side. It also worked out as being a new and valuable experience for me for both project management and photography.

The shoot went fantastic, and I feel like we all worked together to get everyone’s ideas on how to execute each photo perfectly. The photographer knew exactly what images to get with the messages we were trying to portray, and the chef ensured the food looked both premium and delicious. I had an involvement in suggesting ideas on how we could angle things to make it better for us from a design point of view, thinking about how we would use it on the website, social media and marketing materials.

Overall, I found this to be wonderful experience. It felt great to work alongside two extremely experienced individuals within their respective industries and work with them collaboratively to meet a set objective. I found the outcome was something I was extremely happy with, and I think we captured everything that we wanted to on the day.

The finished images have worked successfully in promoting the client’s product and look right at home on their website. It’s really rewarding seeing these photos being implemented into various pieces of media knowing that I had an involvement in bringing them to life! Although it was something slightly out of my job role, it was still great to be a part of, and I found the day to be very beneficial to me.