How to create Seamless Instagram Posts

We understand that Instagram is an extremely powerful tool for growing an audience for your business on social media. We’ve taken some time to experiment on this platform, and we have a handy trick that you can implement, which could help you in maximising engagement for your business profile.

Our trick is making seamless Instagram posts, like what you can see below…

Now, these posts have been around for a while, but despite this, we don’t see them all that often.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to bring up your social graphic editing software, in our case, this is Adobe InDesign, but Photoshop and if you have free editing software like Canva, this can also work.

Now, in this example, we are only wanting to create a seamless Instagram post that uses two panels in the carousel, although you can use up to 10 within the app.

We usually set up our Instagram posts as 1000 x 1000px, but as we are wanting to use two panels, we will set up our document as 1000px in height, but 2000 px in width. Our document should look something like what’s seen below:


Now we have our canvas set up, we can begin creating our design. Essentially, we’re wanting to design our social media graphic to fill the space that we’ve just created. Once we’re done with this, we can begin the process of splitting the design into two sections, as we’re wanting our image to stretch across two panels within Instagram. In this case, we’re stretching a design already made across the canvas, and positioning it so it looks like the below…


My design has been completed now, so what I’m going to do, is create two 1000px x 1000px boxes and place them parallel to one another, filling the space in the canvas.


Now what we’re going to do, is copy the large image behind these boxes, and paste them into our boxes. To do this within InDesign, we’d need to select the ‘Paste Into’ option. You’ll need to do this for both boxes.


Once completed, you’ll have two boxes which each contain exactly half of your design. In an instance where you are using 3 or 4 images for your seamless carousel, you’d follow the rules here above but instead split your document into 3 or 4 1000 x 1000px boxes.


Now we have our two sections, we’ll need to export our split images. Here, I’ve created a 1000 x 1000px document and I’m going to make it two pages. Then, paste your design and position them so they fill the fresh blank canvas.


After this, you’re just going to export your images. You should now have your finished design ready to go straight into Instagram!

Now you are going to want to send the images to your phone, and get your post together. When selecting images from your gallery, ensure that you have selected the first half of your design as ‘1’ and the second as ‘2’. To confirm, check the preview of your post to ensure it’s set up the way that you intended. Then simply post and check that it’s displaying correctly.

Please note, if you notice something is off, or there is a faint line in between the two images, it’s most likely due to the designs not being completely centred within the boxes they were posted into. In this case, I’d go back to your original design and ensure your dimensions and images are all properly aligned.

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