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Ideas to help with your Social Media Content Strategy

Many businesses are taking advantage of social media nowadays, as it provides them with an organic way of promoting their products and services. Despite this, it can become easy for businesses to become overly ‘commercial’, posting exclusively about what they’re trying to sell, instead of varying their content. In our experiences, we’ve found that customers are far more likely to purchase an item or service if they see a commercial post, that’s sprinkled within a much more diverse social media content strategy. In this article, I’ll go over some ideas that can hopefully inspire you in mixing things up when it comes to posting on your social platforms.

Before I begin, I want to address something that we do often here at Purple Robot. Social media is filled with constant sources of inspiration. Take 5 minutes to scroll down your business’s Twitter feed, or Instagram‘s explore page, and you’re bound to come across a post or two that you may be able to adapt for your own business. Thinking with this mindset will result in you subconsciously interpreting posts that you see whilst browsing social media outside of working hours. This kind of skill is a great one to develop because you’ll always be thinking of how you could improve your content. Try this out, and see how you get on!

When it comes to Purple Robot’s social media, I always like to split the content into several categories. Those being:

National or Awareness Days – Are there any important days or events coming up that relate to your business? For example, days on #MentalHealth were important for us to shout about, as they help spread the word of our Charity of the Year in 2021, CASY.

Informative – Posting our weekly blogs, as well as sharing marketing campaigns we’re fans of (#WeLoveMarketing), as well as relevant news in our industry. Also, resources we love, such as free fonts and tips & tricks.

Non-Work Related – A good one to go to if a colleague has a birthday or work anniversary coming up, or if they’ve successfully completed a course. This can also cover events that we participate in, such as fundraising for our charity of the year.

Commercial/Sales – The occasional promotion of our services, including case studies of our work, which subtly shows off what we can do in a more informative way. Even testimonials fall under this category

Misc – What’s going on in the world of Purple Robot that we want to talk about? Do we want to post a cute pet pic (always great for engagement!), or share an update on our Meeting Hub’s progress?

These are just a few examples that I can think of, that we’ve implemented into our own content strategy. An important thing to consider when looking at the above is to try and distribute your categories of content evenly. There will be some weeks where you’ll want to post more about a specific thing, especially if it only makes sense to talk about it at the time, but it is a good idea not to become too reliant on one specific thing. Like mentioned previously, too many posts trying to sell your followers something is likely to result in them not engaging and even unfollowing. Remember, most people turn to social media as a type of recreational escape, and they’re not always going to want to buy something! Where possible, you shouldn’t be posting the same post category twice in a row.

Another factor to consider is your posting frequency. How often are you using your social media platforms? We recommend keeping a posting frequency of around 0.90-1.0 (posting 1 piece of content every day on average). Any more than this and your followers are unlikely to engage as a result of them being bombarded with your content too often. But if you’re on the opposite side of the spectrum and you aren’t posting enough, it will become hard for you to stand out in the ever-growing digital space.

I hope sharing some of our processes can help you to refine your own social media strategy. Of course, we’re always here to help, so feel to reach out to my email at if you have any questions, or want to talk to me about your own ideas!