Jake next to a sign reading 'what does success look like?'

Jake’s Apprenticeship Blog: Starting my journey at Purple Robot

The new Digital Marketing Apprentice, Jake, looks back on a new experience and his first week in the Digital Marketing world.

Waking up for my first day as a Purple Robot employee was a very surreal feeling. The fact that this is my first ever office job was thrilling, and I was excited to see how my first day would go! Driving to work had me thinking “Will I like it? What will be my first task? How will I settle in?”.

When entering the studio, I was immediately greeted by friendly faces and bright personalities that were very similar to my own. I quickly learnt that my time at Purple Robot would be a time to cherish. Starting the day, I was completing simple tasks, learning about new clients and getting familiar with my desktop and workspaces. I was very keen to get stuck into the world of Digital Marketing and improve my skills. I’ve had the privilege of meeting an excellent team with large amounts of passion and ambition, very similar to myself. From my first day, I have been encouraged and supported to try things, supply ideas and also share my current knowledge and information.

Continuing through the week, I had attended several meetings which helped to show me how we, as a team, typically engage within team huddles as well as client meetings. Given that it was my first week, I was very happy and impressed with the amount of responsibility and ownership that I was given. I enjoy tackling tasks and problems independently, as it allows for my confidence and personality togrow. Fortunately for me, Damien and the team have given me both the time and space to come out of my shell and for that, I am very grateful.

Towards the backend of the week, I was able to accomplish some basic research and social media monitoring tasks as well as some SEO work, which has allowed me to gather some foundation knowledge for me to build upon in the future. My Digital Marketing colleague, Olly, has given me tremendous amounts of guidance and support throughout the first week., from showing me how to search for keywords to running through Google Analytics.

The friendships that I have already formed in oneweek is a great reflection on how welcoming and attentive my colleagues have been.

As an apprentice, I am excited to see where this new chapter of my life will take me. The number of possibilities seems endless right now and I couldn’t be happier with the position that I’m in. I’m looking forward to learning new skills, developing my knowledge and hopefully improving as a person as my time at Purple Robot continues. Even in such a short time,I already feel as though I have learnt so much – but there’s still a long way to go!