Jake - starting at Purple Robot

Jake’s First Month at Purple Robot

One month in, our new Digital Marketing Apprentice, Jake, takes time to reflect on his first month at Purple Robot and in the Digital Marketing world.

It’s been one month since starting my journey with Purple Robot and I’ve already learnt an incredible amount of new skills, accompanied by plenty of new content for me to get stuck into. From the beginning, the support from peers has been exceptional and I can’t fault the way I have been treated.

My time spent at Purple Robot so far has allowed for my relationships with my colleagues to grow. Considering that it has only been a small period, I feel like I’ve already formed good bonds with everyone. Walking into an office with people who are just as motivated as me helps drive me through the day. Each member of the team has been able to guide and support me in some way, whether that’s carrying out a specific task, or learning a new skill, and I’m very grateful for this.

There have been many different tasks that I have been involved in within this month. This ranges from my newly learnt skills surrounding SEO and improving keyword searches, to answering phone calls and completing other administrative jobs. I have been given the responsibility and trust to deliver quality pieces of work which has only improved my confidence and skills further. Personally, having a more “hands-on” experience with new things allows for me to improve, grow and better myself which is something I always strive for.

Being my first office job, having involvement in meetings, contributing to team huddles and other activities has given me a big push into the world of Digital Marketing. Getting myself organised and managing my time effectively is something that is heavily required within this role and it’s something I have been able to pick up and learn very quickly within this first month. Personal skills such as punctuality, attention and confidence, just to name a few, are always in use within a busy day which I have been able to apply and put to good use from the start of my journey.

I’ve had the opportunity to vist Business Live 2019 at Lincolnshire Showground where I was able to meet new people and gain a valuable experience into how these events are set up, how they run and what information and ideas people are able to gain from these types of events. I’m sure, continuing my time with Purple Robot, I will be able to attend many more of these events which will hopefully offer me loads of opportunities in the future.

While I’m still learning, I have had this opportunity to reflect on how much I have learnt in such a short space of time. It is great to see my progression through my work and experiences and I will continue to progress and strive to better myself within this profession. I am very excited and pleased that I can kick start this mega journey with a great team who are full of ambition.