Working from home

Keeping positive in the workplace

Current circumstances have resulted in many of us working from home. This can be something that will feel abstract to some and can easily knock you out of your daily routine. For others, it can easily have a direct impact on our mental health. With this in mind, we’ve written up some of our top tips of keeping positive within your home office.


Our first tip would be to try and keep a routine as best as you can whilst in your home office. Just because you’re working from home, it doesn’t mean that you have more free time. Working hours for many remain the same, so it’s important to almost imagine yourself within your working space. You can’t afford to put things off or procrastinate when tasks need to be done, so keep focused! Create a list each day, and prioritise the jobs that you want to complete the most. This will help keep structure throughout your day, keeping you distracted and productive.

To follow on from this, why not think about having a defining moment that starts and ends the working day. This may be as simple as opening the blinds in the window or switching on the radio in the morning to closing them and turning it off in the evening. It could even be a candle that you light on your desk that you blow out at the end of the day. Marking those two times can be as important as walking through your office door at work or locking up at night.


Another tip would be to try and eliminate as many daily distractions as possible. At home, there are going to be some factors that you can’t control which will get in the way. Whether that’s family, flatmates or even pets, there may be a point in the day where you are taken away from your home office to focus on something else going on within the house. Although sometimes it can’t be controlled, we’d recommend trying to isolate yourself from as many of these distractions as possible. Try and put yourself in a room away from the rest of your house with the door shut. Explain to the people you live with that you will be working, and to do so efficiently you need to be in your own space. This again, ensures that you are as focused as you possibly can be in your own space (although as the man interviewed over the internet from his home by the BBC will testify – this is not always failproof!)


Okay, so we may be contradicting ourselves a little here, but breaks are just as important! It can be easy to get burnt out or demotivated when you try and persist with the same task over an extended period. We know it can be hard, but sometimes taking a few minutes and coming back to a task can result in you completing it quicker. We’re not encouraging anyone to try and take advantage of being at home at all, but it is healthy to take a break from the computer screen now and then. Go for your lunch, make yourself a hot drink and upon returning to your desk, you’ll feel refuelled and motivated to continue your work.

During your free time, you may also find that getting some fresh air outside is beneficial (taking into account social distancing, however!). With an office-based job, it’s easy to stay in the same place all day long. This isn’t ideal for both your mental and physical health. We would encourage you all to step outside at some point during the working day; whether that’s before you begin, or even during your lunch break, to grab a few deep breaths. If you’re up for it, exercise can be even more beneficial for mental health, even if that is done in the comfort of your own home. You’ll find that you feel a great sense of achievement following a run or a workout. Feeling good about yourself is as important as ever right now, so we’d recommend trying this out!


The most important thing of all for us to recommend would be to try and stay as optimistic as you can. Many of us are facing struggles at a time like this, and we understand that it can be hard. You have to remember, however, that you have no control in the current circumstances that we are facing. Try not to blame yourself, and find reassurance knowing that you’re not alone in this situation. Also at this time talk to someone as they will likely have the same worries as you, and although we cannot be together physically it’s important to unite together and work as best as you can in the coming months. We hope that these tips may be beneficial for you in keeping yourself happy within your home-office.