Kieran’s four weeks here at Purple Robot

After Kieran’s four weeks of work experience at Purple Robot, he takes the time to reflect on his best bits and new skills that he has learnt.

As my work experience at Purple Robot comes to its final day, it’s good to look back on how enjoyable the experience has been. It’s fair to say that I’ve loved every moment during these 4 weeks. I have not only been able to improve my current skills, but also gain new ones that I’ve picked up on as a result of the wide range of tasks I’ve been involved in over the month.

I have taken part in a variety of tasks that have helped me gain the full trust of all the staff here at Purple Robot. Having this variation has made me enjoy my time here more, as I’ve been able to try new things and take on challenges frequently throughout the working week; which have been very beneficial to me in terms of improving skills such as confidence and independence.

My favourite task I have been set was researching current social media figures and putting the data into a spreadsheet. I liked this, as I enjoy carrying out research and putting figures into charts, which are beneficial for other members of the team when in group huddles regarding social media. I still think that exhibiting at the BusinessLive Expo was still one of my favourite days because of being able to meet new people and learn more about the businesses they work for.

One of the skills I feel like I’ve improved the most is my confidence. I think this is down to the fact that within these 4 weeks I’ve been given the chance to complete tasks I have never done before, which can be transferred into the workplace in the future

Another skill I have improved massively was my telephone skills. This was my first time using a company phone to answer important calls. At first, I was very nervous about this, as it was going to be the first time, I have never answered calls for a business. However, after some time using the phone, I felt like I could remain calm and not feel nervous when answering calls and transferring them to a relevant team member. If I did make a slight mistake, I was able to learn and improve, which has only made me more confident. This will be a skill which is highly valuable for many jobs, as communicating with customers and clients in a professional manner is crucial when representing a business.

After completing my 4 weeks of work experience, I now know what sort of career I want to be involved in, in the future. I hope to have some sort of job or apprenticeship in digital marketing, as I’m still keen to learn more about it and gain more experience in it. I no longer feel nervous about meeting new people, whether that’s on the phone or face-to-face. I am very thankful for Purple Robot letting me come on this work experience, and I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for some work experience or an apprenticeship. I’d say this because you’ll meet a friendly team, be able to take part in a variety of tasks each day and you’re bound to learn much more about the world of marketing and design, as I have.