Kieran’s thoughts one week into his Work Experience with Purple Robot

Just one week into his work experience with Purple Robot, Kieran shares his thoughts and experiences on what it’s like to work within a Marketing Agency.

After having my interview, I was thrilled to start my work experience at Purple Robot. Because this was the first time I have ever had any experience within digital marketing, it made me even more excited. I was ready to learn about the world of marketing, and gain new skills which could help me when looking to get an apprenticeship further down the line.

When I walked into Purple Robot on my first day, I was immediately welcomed by friendly staff who had helped me feel settled in very quickly. I was given simple tasks and learned about the clientele surrounding the agency. I was ready to get as much out of this day as possible and wanted to learn about the world of marketing, as well as gain and improve a variety of skills. I had the privilege of meeting such an amazing team that has been supporting and encouraging me to try new things and complete new tasks.

Continuing through my first week of work experience within the marketing agency, I’ve tried out new tasks and have gained trust from the members of staff to carry out certain jobs. One example of this was working alongside the team’s Project Administrator to complete tasks for one of the company’s clients: ‘Quattro Plant JG Speedfit Kawasaki’.

I have also done tasks which would involve using my teamwork skills, which is going to be very beneficial for me in the future when working within groups. In addition to this, I’ve helped set up Purple Robot’s stand in preparation for the Business Live Expo at the Lincolnshire Showground. I also had the opportunity to have a look around during the Expo, where I met people from other Businesses and talked to them about my experience at Purple Robot so far.  I also learnt a lot more about these different businesses, and what they do on a day-to-day basis. That was one of the days that I most enjoyed within the first week of my work experience, as I loved meeting new people, as well as having the chance to further expand my knowledge within the working world.

Also, during the week, I was able to carry out certain social media research which was important to use for when other members of the team had any meetings regarding social media data. Researching and interpreting this information helped me understand what the social media side of work is like at Purple Robot. Doing tasks like this independently has helped me massively with improving my skills, which is important for me, as it may be something that is asked of me in the future when in full-time employment.

Throughout the week I have formed new friendships with members of the Purple Robot team, and I’ve enjoyed my time so far. I’m excited to continue the rest of my work experience at Purple Robot, where I can keep developing my skills and knowledge in digital marketing.

I would love to get an apprenticeship in digital marketing in the future, and this work experience placement is bound to be extremely valuable if I choose to follow this career path later down the line.