Leila on her work experience

Leila’s Work Experience Week with Purple Robot

On the first day of my work experience with Purple Robot, I was not feeling too nervous. Instead, I was feeling quite motivated and confident.

When I arrived, I had a warm welcome and a small tour. After that, I got to know the team and their roles and a demonstration of what they do. After all that, I settled in and got everything sorted.

During my first day, I was able to attend three meetings and from these, I learnt what happens in a meeting and how to act, from which I can take these skills for meetings into my future career. I also found out what Purple Robot do and what they are currently working on. As it was only my first day I did not feel productive, but I did learn a lot from the meetings I attended.

Over the course of my work experience, I was a lot more settled and used to the place and where everything was. I was set a few tasks where I did a comparison and researching tasks. I feel that these tasks really boosted my researching skills which will be very useful for the future and my future career.

I also was invited to another meeting in which we came up with ideas to do for a webpage. After this day I felt my skills would be handy for anything. I’ve picked up skills such as ways to research the exact thing you want.

During the week, I have learnt ways to boost a website from digital marketing and those skills would be handy for any career in the future. These days were overall very productive as I was given tasks I could do.

On my final day, I learnt more about analytics and how social media connects to marketing and the figures associated with it. Again, I can take these skills on board and the future and will be helpful to me. Another skill I have learnt is planning in basically anything and learnt the importance of it and its use. I will be taking this skill with me in the future and extend on it more as I am still learning.

As my final day draws to a close, I have not only improved previous skills but picked up new ones such as how to boost a webpage and communication skills when talking to other people such as in a meeting. Even though I was here for only a week, I feel I have learnt a lot and I feel like the skills I picked up will benefit me as I prepare for my future. I also have got on with the team well too. I am thankful for this experience as I feel like I have gained confidence, skills and behaviours I can use in the future.