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Marketing is a creative force for results in a business. However, we’re here to tell you that not all marketing is created equal…

For many, marketing is simply the “promotional fluff” like glossy flyers, slick websites and quirky social media posts. Without strategic thinking, much of this marketing will deliver lacklustre results, and be yet another cost to the business.

In reality, marketing is the “business strategy stuff” of understanding what success looks like, planning how to get there, and measurement against targets and KPIs. We strongly believe all marketing, including design, starts with this strategic thinking, before going on to any of the creative “fun stuff”.

Symbol representing a Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

At the root of any successful marketing is strategic thinking, market research and a robust plan. You should never simply jump straight to picking out bits of the marketers’ toolkit just because you think they should be done.

We start by analysing where you are now and understanding where you want to be, before going on to articulate what needs to happen in a bespoke and actionable marketing plan that delivers for your organisational objectives.

Mind Map representing Marketing Planning

Campaign Planning

It’s a much-quoted phrase in our industry, but the principle of “tell them, tell them and tell them again” really is key to success. Marketing is rarely a one-hit solution, instead, a campaign of integrated and supporting elements is needed.

We can help with campaigns or smaller projects; producing well crafted, meticulously thought-through plans that deliver. Time and time again we are praised for delivering campaigns that are on time, within budget, and exceed expectations, targets & KPIs.

Megaphone representing Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications

When it comes to implementing a marketing plan or campaign idea, we’ve got it covered, from initial concept and design to execution and evaluation, plus we do print too!

We have many strings to our bow, including, branding, website design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC, Google AdWords), promotional merchandising, social media, email campaigns, advertising, events, packaging, copywriting, PR, sponsorship management, and so much more.

Speech bubbles representing Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring & Coaching

With over 15 years’ experience in the sector, both Damien and Wayne can provide either mentoring or coaching. These services are invaluable for the professional development of the team, whilst providing an additional independent view.

Does your in-house marketing team need some extra help? We can cover short-term leave, provide additional capacity during busy times, or bolster your existing team with “on-demand” support with a fresh pair of eyes and willing pair of hands.

Need help with your marketing?