Simple ways to maximise your social media for your business

We all know that social media is one of the best ways to promote your business if done in the right way. It shows potential customers who you are as a company and what you can offer them. A huge benefit of social media is that it is free, apart for ads and boosted posts. This is great if you are on a budget or just starting out.

With most businesses now on the social media bandwagon, there are still some who are not maximising their potential to grow digitally. Unfortunately, this means they are missing out on the potential business and exposure that social could bring them.

Here are some simple tricks that can help maximise your social media for your business:

You should have a presence on all the main social media platforms where your customers are. You may prioritise your efforts on certain platforms or show different sides your business depending on the platform, but it is important to be on all the platforms.

Engagement is our buzzword when it comes to social media. You need a following that engages with your content so your posts will keep appearing on your followers’ timeline. There is also a way to harness this on Facebook, which is to find out who had engaged with you but didn’t follow you. This is quite easy and is done by clicking on the ‘reactions’ to your post. It will allow you to invite those people who reacted to your post but have yet to follow your page. Click invite to ask them to follow – providing their response was positive. As they have already reacted to your page before following, they are more likely to continue to react to your posts.

It isn’t just Facebook where you can invite users to your page. We all know LinkedIn as a personal business networking site, and building up your personal connections on the site can be advantageous in business. You should also have a page for your business and share the content you post on your business account to your timeline. This might pick you up some followers for your business page, but the important thing is to invite those key connections to follow your page.

Another thing we see frequently is people still holding back on their use of hashtags. Ensure you are adding relevant hashtags when you can. Hashtags are good ways of connecting with people looking for something or reaching those with a common interest. You can also see how the hashtags you would like to use are performing on Twitter and Instagram by searching for them and see how many results come up. However, sometimes excessive use of hashtags in a post can make it look more like spam and unprofessional, so consider using hashtags within your main post text to mask this rather than dumping them at the end.

Something that will help with creating content is to plan your posts and schedule them ahead of time. With time being precious in any business, social media can often be the thing that gets pushed down priority the list if there are other things to do. By planning the upcoming month, writing the posts and scheduling them to post automatically on a particular day, it condenses the time spent focusing on social media. However, this should not stop you adding spontaneous real-time posts to react to situations and events. We also recommend reacting ahead of time if any scheduled posts might not be suitable and need rescheduling or stopping completely. On top of this, don’t forget to think about including events and days that connect to your business in your plan. We would recommend using a social media management tool such as Hootsuite to schedule your content across your different platforms, but you can also use the built-in features on platforms.

For advice on improving your social media content or if you have any other questions around social media, give us a call 01522 708 855 and we will have a chat.