Tips for project management

Project management is one of the crucial parts of any business. Being in a project managing role is a bit like juggling whilst simultaneously riding a bike! Keeping a project on track, on time and on a budget can be stressful, but also immensely rewarding when everything comes together.

Whilst every project is different, and there is no single formula for success, there are some common tips that can help you succeed in project management. This blog takes a look at some of those key building blocks to success.

Know the project inside-out and envision the end

Understanding the project, its goals, the client’s requirements, expectations, and who the key stakeholders are, is the first part of any project, so you understand how the project should look at the end of your work. As we say here at Purple Robot, ‘What Does Success Look Like?’ is the key question for any project.

Break down objectives into mini-goals

As part of understanding the project, you need to agree on the objectives with the client. Looking at the end goal can seem daunting at first, but it is best to split up any project into smaller goals and tasks. This will also help with distributing tasks and monitoring progress on the overall project.

Understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses

An effective Project Manager will know the team around them and know what their strengths are, but more crucially their weakness. Placing your team in the right roles will make sure the project runs smoother. It should also be the case that when skills gaps are identified, that you can bring someone in or partner with someone to help fill this.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

For everything to run smoothly, effective communication between the team is a priority. This should help show up any delays on the project, anything that is not working correctly, and helps avoid surprises. Catch-ups between key members of your team should happen regularly about progress and these should be kept as brief as possible. Any issues or delays should be communicated as soon as possible.

Manage your risks

One of the most crucial aspects of project management is risk management. Risks are any potential threats that happen during a project at any time, often without warning. Any potential risks, such as absence from the team, materials not being available or increases in prices need to be identified ahead with plans in place in case they happen and be put into place quickly.

Manage your time effectively

To ensure a project is completed successfully and on time, managing your time is a top priority. The first part to ensure this is as effective as possible is to have a well-defined project plan from the start. This will also eliminate jobs being duplicate and smooth transitions between parts of the projects.
Another part of this is managing your time as effectively as possible. Part of this is avoiding distractions, but another way is tracking. One of the best ways to help with this is by using a project management tool. Our favoured option at Purple Robot is

Evaluate the project

Once a project has concluded, it is important to look back. Evaluating and analysing the project and the different parts of the finished product is a great way to look at successes, and its best practice to see what can be improved on and where things went wrong. This helps if you work regularly on similar projects and also with the same team members or suppliers to ensure the same mistakes are not made again.

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