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Tools to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Video blogging is the next big thing for content marketing and just in general in 2021. It generates conversations, starts relationships and simulates bonds. It is nice to have someone talking to you and showing what they are doing and it is less detached than a TV show or NETFLIX documentary. Vlogs are a way that you can interact with your target audience and if you do it well, you can make a lot of money in the process. Here are some tools to grow your YouTube Channel.



This is an American made social media statistic and analytic viewer. SocialBlade is mainly used for YouTube and is considered one of the crucial tools in a YouTube vloggers repertoire. It can also be used for Twitch, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook amongst others.



PocketTube is a YouTube subscription manager. It is a must-have tool for every serious YouTuber. Manage your subscriptions, folders and sort your YouTube channels. It is an extension that you use whilst on YouTube. You can create collections that fit snugly into the right format and layout for your page. (Editor’s Note – for use with Google Chrome)



This is a great free design resource. You can make a logo for your YouTube account and use it as your thumbnail and on your videos. Simple to use and it gives great results. You can download your design for free from LogoCreator once you have made it.


Bookmark It

Bookmark It is the only extension that lets you manage your YouTube by creating bookmarks that fit in with your videos and highlight the best parts of your YouTube videos. You can press ‘b’ on any of your videos and make your own annotations. (Editor’s Note – for use with Google Chrome)



VidIQ is free to use and allows you to boost the advertising potential of your YouTube channel. It helps you to maximise your organic reach without having to pay for advertising so it can be great if you are just starting out. They say that they will “increase your library of tags by 10X in less than 10 minutes”, which sounds like an invaluable tool!


Social Book

Social Book is a top marketing tool for influencers and brand marketers. They link businesses to influencers and vice versa. This is great news for vloggers as it can be helpful to employ this kind of marketing strategy to take your channel to the next level.


Pic Maker

Pic Maker has thousands of templates to use and choose from. Create amazing looking content for any occasion, and publish it on your YouTube account and any relevant social media pages that you might be using to promote your account.


There are plenty more of these tools available online. Remember it is about your content and quality as well as how much you advertise that makes a vlog successful. Be aware of your target audience and post on schedule so that your fans can know when to expect the next update. Advertise in circles that will appreciate your content and be aware of posting anything sensitive that could upset people as this can demolish a vlog.


This is a guest blog written by Mirza Matthews, who is a freelance writer, designer and has a background in small business finance and promotion.