We’ve committed to the Lincoln Social Responsibility Charter

We are proud to announce that we have signed up to the Lincoln Social Responsibility Charter. The aim of this charter is to encourage organisations in Lincoln to undertake socially responsible activities which benefit both their employees and the local community.

By committing to the Lincoln Social Responsibility Charter we…

  • are committed to treating our staff fairly to ensure we have a reliable, skilled and motivated workforce
  • support local communities to enable local charities and community groups to deliver their services and help make Lincoln a better place to live and work

At Purple Robot, our vision includes a will to “make a positive difference for our clients, team, community and environment”; we have embedded five key values into the fabric of our business…

  • Team
  • Community
  • Charity
  • Ethics
  • Environment

We believe that our CSR Policy will enshrine our five key values into long-term benefits to our employees, customers, and partners, and shall focus on the eight key areas…

Employees – Respecting the values of our employees, offering a staff recognition scheme, providing good working conditions and equal opportunities, improving employee satisfaction and through training, developing their intellectual capacity for a greater benefit for both them and our organisation.

Health and Safety – Deeply embedded in all activities and processes we do, for the provision of a safe working environment.

Environmental Impacts – Managing business activities in order to maximise on recycling opportunities and minimise the risk of pollution, waste and nuisance to neighbours and the wider community.

Sustainable Development – Long term effects arising from the communities that we interact with including energy efficiency of our office, transport, meeting social and economic needs.

Relationships with Customers – Being responsive to our customer’s needs and providing a quality assured service that fundamentally incorporates all relevant legislative considerations.

Suppliers and Partners – Treating our suppliers fairly and driving CSR codes of practice throughout the goods and services supply chain.

Community Involvement – Helping the communities in which we live and work through volunteering, good deeds and supporting charities through fundraising and volunteering.

Ethos – Encouraging high standards of professionalism throughout the company and promoting best practice in respect of ethical behaviour

We will continually review our CSR policy to ensure that we continue to deliver our values.