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What we’ve learnt whilst working from home…

Lockdown has resulted in almost all people with an office or desk-based job being forced to migrate and bring their work into the comfort of their own home. At first, this probably doesn’t sound like such a fantastic idea. And whilst I still think it’s extremely important to avoid merging work with your personal life; working from home, for me at least, has proven to be extremely successful.

An initial concern about working from home may be a fear of distractions that can disrupt a typical working day. But what I’ve found is that after adapting to working in my own space at home, I’ve been much more productive. Whilst we all love sharing banter with our colleagues, I can’t deny that when isolated and working alone, I seem to get things done much quicker.

That’s not to say that we should completely cut off non-professional communications with our colleagues, however. I still firmly believe that maintaining healthy working relationships is crucial, so having a few minutes of small talk at the beginning of a phone call is still something that I’d recommend when time permits.

With Environment & Ethics being one of our core values, it’s important to acknowledge our reduction in carbon footprint when eliminating our daily commutes to and from the studio. Working from home is just one extra thing that we can do at Purple Robot, to contribute to a value that we think is extremely important.

There may be a time when a meeting in-person may be more beneficial than one over a Zoom call but reducing our emissions has certainly left us thinking if there are any other areas where we can be more environmentally friendly.

In addition, we’ve found that working remotely has pushed us to work more independently. It’s always good to be able to ask for a second opinion or pull someone away from their work to help with an ongoing issue. With lockdown in place though, this is much more difficult to do. It’s difficult to gauge whether a colleague is free to take some time away and help with an issue when working remotely; instead of asking a quick question across the studio. Personally, this has forced me to be more independent, and I’ve found that I’m capable of solving many issues myself, without needing to take up someone else’s time.

If I am unable to fix something or need a second opinion, I won’t hesitate in asking, but through my experiences working at home, I’ve found that I can often solve things and get jobs done effectively when left alone.

For me, this lockdown has been a real eye-opener, and whilst I was extremely hesitant about working home, to begin with, I’ve found this to be something that I’ve adapted too, and it’s clear to see the benefits now. It’ll be awesome to be able to see my colleagues again in the future, but the current situation has left me reflecting on the positives that have come out of the past few months.