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Working at Purple Robot: Social Media and SEO strategies

I have just finished my second month at Purple Robot Marketing and I have learned so much already in such a short amount of time. After being welcomed into the Purple Robot workspace, they soon set me real-life client-based tasks. From managing social media accounts to working on SEO, I have learnt a range of skills that will assist me throughout the marketing world.

During my first week, I was assigned my first task of managing the creation of a brochure for a client. This involved working with the graphic designer, photographer, print company and even a videographer for online content. It was interesting for me to see how all these different people come together as a team to produce the final product.

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Once the catalogue was finally complete, I was then assigned to the managing of social media pages for clients. I already had a basic knowledge of social media as I use it in my spare time. It was interesting for me to see how running a company’s social media differs from the use of personal accounts. I was working on platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for clients.

The process behind running companies’ social media pages starts with a content plan. I prefer to produce weekly plans however some marketers may prefer to create monthly plans. Followed by the content plan is checking with the clients for approval. Once approval has been confirmed, I can then begin to post on the different platforms. Some marketers may use software such as Hootsuite, Buffer Publish and many more. This allows for scheduling social media posts in advance. For example, if you wanted to schedule a post for a weekend, but you don’t work on weekends, this software comes into use as you can schedule a post for a certain date and time, and it will automatically post it for you. Many marketers also use this type of software as it’s much easier to manage rather than having to remember to post at certain times and dates which can easily be forgotten- we’re all human and mistakes are easily made!

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I’ve also learnt about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which has made me realise how vital content marketing is for SEO. This includes content such as blogs, videos, podcasts, and even things as simple as adding visual images to websites. I have also learnt about the use of alt tags and how important they are for SEO. By just describing the image, it helps search engine crawlers, therefore, improving SEO. It’s important to note that alt tags are also great for accessibility, users who use screen readers rely on alt tags as it tells the user the context of an image by reading the alt tag.

I am enjoying my time at Purple Robot and looking forward to managing social media accounts over the upcoming months. One thing I am hoping to learn over the upcoming weeks is how email marketing works as I think this is an essential aspect of digital marketing in today’s world.